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Monday, November 1, 2010


After much involvement in a the election process of our new president which happened yesterday...I'm back!!!!!!
I'm also in the middle of a remodeling of my kitchen and closing in the veranda to become almost like a winter garden and integrate it into the kitchen space... not a big remodel, but one that will make my life so much easier and enjoyable. Our kitchen is really, but really small, and both my husband and I are tall and we take up too much space ... we kept bumping into each other! I have some pictures to post, but the process is not over yeat, so when it is I will have before and after pictures!

The elected president was not the one I voted for :((((... oh well... we need to wait for another 4 years and hope and pray that this doesn't turn into another nightmare as the previous one!!

Anyway, I found this charming place and wonderful pictures...go pay a visit, you might like it!


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