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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

as life goes!

This last month has been stressful, this year has been very stressful, so much has happened and there has been a lot of pain and disappointment!  Bur I am trying to develop the resilience quality of not letting these challenges to overcome and take over my strength and mark me for will take awhile to be over it all, but with faith and hope I keep treading on and it will bring experience!

Therefore, many things didn't go as well as I had anticipated, but as the new year approaches I am planing to be more organized and not let myself be so affected by such things again!  Blogging world is wonderful and it has helped me in putting things into perspective.  It hasn't been but nearly 6 months and I have been everywhere and visited so many of you being truly enchanted with the wealth of creativity and beauty all around, people, places and things.

As Thanksgiving approaches I am reminded of the many things I am obliged to be thankful for!  I stand amazed for all the blessings poured down from heaven, for the comfort and love bestowed from up above.  Everyone  I have encountered along the way, even those who caused some grievances have contributed to my growth as I've pondered and prayed about these challenges.

As we prepare for celebrating my favorite season of the year, Christmas, It is my wish that we may all find the peace and happiness that we can enjoy in the service of our fellowmen, thus rendering reverence and adoring Our Master and Lord Jesus Christ.

Let's celebrate life, families, friends, opportunities to learn and grow, serve and help one another!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all!

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