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Saturday, October 2, 2010


I just love lace!  I often  think I was born in the wrong era...I would love to wear the pretty lace dresses and blouses full of lace and the embroidery,  but here in Brazil the fashion is not vintage, and most people are not into it...but I still like it... have a small collection of it, always weary of parting with it...

And here I found these beautiful pieces, and here is her blog

and there is so much more !!!


  1. I wrote email to you,i hope so you'll get it!
    They're beautiful the laces, I love them very much!
    I wrote SAL for organizers, that you would like to embroider.
    With love: Monika
    Örülök a magyar szavaidnak!:)

  2. Hello Monika, got your email! and they emailed me as well, now how do I get the pattern?..I see many have started, but there isn't a link to get to the pattern? What should I do?
    Thank you for your help! Ilona Katalin



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