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Monday, September 27, 2010

spring is really here!

So now we are officially in spring season and the weather has already turned; it's more humid and warmer, it has been raining and now all the plants have new buds, my maple tree is green again! But the best part is that we feel like being out and about!  The cold wind doesn't invite for being out.  Just came in from working in the garden a little bit!  it is such a pleasure to play with the plants!... another week and everything is going to look much better.

this little Timon - from King Lion - Tim-timhe doesn't want to let me sew!!! he wants to play!
Tim-tim and Cosmo (the cougar cat Brigham Young University mascot); they are brothers and the always liking each other!
this is older brother Simba, from King Lion! the furiest ball! the little brothers take him for a mom!! it's so funny!
more flowers from my garden

my peach tree... 2nd year, a small tree! this year is full of little fruit!  Let's see if they stay on!
this is one of three mulberry trees I have; they are 2 years old, and this year it is full of berries!! yummmyyy!!


  1. Hi Ilona,
    my english is very bad. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. You have also a wonderful blog and sooooo lovely cats!!!!
    You have spring? We have fall and it´s cold here.
    Hugs Barbara

  2. your English is fine!! thank you!! today is cold as winter again... last days of cold I guess!



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