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Friday, September 3, 2010

spring has sprung!!!!!!!

Well, we are 2 weeks off spring official start, but everything feels and smells like spring... plants are getting new blooms and leaves, sun and bright and warm and nights aren't as cold...however we haven't had rain in a long fact August was the driest in 67 years, unusual for us here! we live in a water reservoir area exactly because it rains more than other places and these reservoirs (3) source the city of SP and the south of the state somewhat!  So it has been very dried, but after having lived in Texas, more exactly near the Mexican border by Del Rio, dry is not a new word for me!  boy! it was hot and dry over there... we were by the green river, but even so .... dry dry dry and we faced the Mexican desert ...

Spring for us only means more plants and flowers... different flowers, some like the colder weather better, others the humid and hot air!

my maple tree is the only tree to have lost all its leaves ... 
and now look at the branches with new sprouts... gorgeous, tiny, fresh green hues! 

this cute little flower blooms in clusters, and they look like
starts which in the evening leave the air sweet and pretty!


this little orchid blooms only at this time of yeart,
and it also smells sweet and pretty

it is a true joy for me to wake to these beauties every morning, even on a gloomy day they make all look bright, and of course they have all kinds of birdies flying around and savoring their sweetness!

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