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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flea Market Style

Don't you just love to go to flee markets? Rummaging through all the old stuff and trying to see what it will be like in your house or in your yard? Or maybe imagining how it will look like after you do something to it? Maybe paint, or sand , or wax, or nothing at all ... just as is?
Well, I do... I love it... in fact my house is being built like that, a work in progress!!! for sure! but what I like the most about it is that my house is like no other... I don't like sameness; I do like character, personality, yourself ... so it reflects you (me)... thinks one likes, feels, or plainly is!!

well, there is this new magazine out, and it seems it had a good acceptance...take a look! The ladies seem to be having lots of fun with it! I wish I were closer to be a part of it in person!... oh, well... the magazine and the blog will have to do for now...

Flea Market Style

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

On another note!!  I fell in my house... slid on a slick something and almost broke my knee ankle and foot!!  That was 2 weeks ago... boy! did it hurt! and consequently I was put to rest ... did a lot of crocheting though! have to take pics and post! 
But lots of my sewing is behind... and I had planned on working on lots of projects! c'est la vie!
In Brazil, crocheting is a big thing because it is a craft that requires very little and inexpensive and it is an easy skill to master.  So, one item that is very popular is the rug making; it is make of packing string and it can be done on very thick string, or a thinner one .... it comes in a variety of textures and colors!
I love them because they are very sturdy, stand lots of washings, therefore they last a long time and you always have clean rugs very easily, if the washing machine does the work that is!
My house is always open, windows and doors, for I love the sun shining in and the fresh air coming in, and of course it is bound to get dusty since we live in a country like place, and the wind sometimes blows strong bringing in leaves and whatnots!

 Since I was now bound to a chair and legs up on a rest, crocheting seemed like a good idea, and so I decided to take up rug making which I had never done!  My 1st one didn't come out as I wanted because I wasn't used to the string... it is rather thick and my hand was sore at first.  Soon I got the hang of it, but the turning around was trickier since the string doesn't give like yarn does. It came out ok though!

Now I am working on a second one, and this time I'm putting a little color on it, unlike the popular trend which is the string natural color, and most people used the same patterns... it isn't finished yet but it is beginning to look nice!  pics soon in a following post!

Ah, and I am glad to say that my leg is getting better... I can't stand too long or even stay on it for too long.. but I'm able to walk without crutches now...they are a bother...

Bye for now!



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