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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I served a mission in Portugal, and came to learn and love its people and all the beautiful things they have to offer... friendship and love was the first that touched my heart. This was when Salazar was deposed from his 30 years dictatorship, and Portuguese were fleeing the hard times associated with the political turmoil and the wars in the African colonies. Brazil took in many Portuguese and planes were arriving in constant flow! This is when I arrived there ... 2 years after the liberation... the political environment was very strong and the communist ideas permeated all the aspects of the politics of the time!
I wasn't involved with it because my purpose there was not political, but one couldn't help feel the things in the air. Many Portuguese were coming back from Angola and Moçambique, and the retornados, returned, faced many obstacles in their return home; no housing, jobs or hope! I had the opportunity to meet many of them and work closely with them, and they were among the best people I met in Portugal! I so loved them and leaving the country was a hard thing. I loved the beautiful gardens and castles and history that is so mingled with the Brazilian history and much of this history and culture is still felt in the little towns across the country, and that resembles the Portuguese architecture from the colonial period when Brazil itself was a Portuguese colony.
Portugal is know for its beautiful handwork, stitching and knitting...
In this elegant style you can see some of the Portuguese craftsmanship!! just beautiful!

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