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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


well ! if you have been around visiting and found the blog going crazy.... it was... mr blogger is very finicky!!  I find that my eyes get very tired if I'm working on a very busy page... too colors and what not! and I just couldn't find the right background to fit what I wanted... if it wasn't one thing it was another...but I didn't want a blank page either.... my eyes get worse on a white word processor always has a greenish tone to relaxes the eyes! As I have had to work with a computer for long hours, I am a translator, it is hard on me now!  so it seems I finally found something to make it a little easier... let's see how long it will last!!! cross my fingers...
Today I found a nice blog on patchwork and quilting ... there is a lot of stuff happening there, besides, Kelly has a very nice way of "talking" to us on her blog...and of course beautiful and fun quilts...the blog looks like grand central station ... so much traffic!

I have been working to put all my projects in order... have soooooo many unfinished things to work on... so my goal now is to get them finished... and keep a log ... hopefully to be shown...
My problem is that I start and then get trapped on adding and adding to the original project...not good...also I don't like to work in a hurry like some people who want to see it finished right away!  I enjoy the process of creating !!!
I am also in the process of segmenting the areas of endevour to make it easier to find things... there are so many wonderful blogs, ideas and people... don't want to spend too much time looking for them... I want to be able to access everything quickly....  I like to browse on the ideas and get my creative juices running... once they are warmed up I take off on my own ... that's dangerous!!
I was helping my son yesterday with a poster for a play the young adults will put out for Christmas and found some illustrations from A Christmas Carol by Dickens... the popular story never looses it's appeal!  so here is one of them... you all have a good day!

this is not the one I wanted to post ... but the format is not allowing to download
... need to check and see what happened, but this is Scrooge's nephew and his sick boy!!!

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