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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new moms

as I was browsing through some blogs and reading on some of your beautiful things I realized that lots of you are young moms and many with babies! many showing the beautiful items sewn for their babies and it came to me something that might be helpful to some!
As my babies woke up for feeding at night I had to go through the motions of changing sheets and blankets because they were wet... and all you want to do is get done with it and go back to bed, especially because the next day you need to get up to deal with life, worst of all if there is a paid job waiting for us! as it was for me...
So I wondered what could I do help me in this task? and my solution was a simple and very effective one for me.... I sewed a few mattress covers made of a waterproof bottom, batting and terry cloth for the top. I don't have one made now, but it is very simple... a rectangle made to fit the width and length of the part of the crib where babies lay! i used a batting with a lot of loft and the thickest terry I could can be a bought towel even... and a thick waterproof it as you would for a quilt but leaving it with as much thickness as possible!

and voilá!! if the diaper leaked the padding would be the only thing wet, so i would take it out and replace it for another one.. so after baby was changed and fed I could go to bed without any fuss!

These pads were easily washed and dried.. back then I didn't have a dryer and had to use the old fashioned line... so useful though!! and even in cold weather they would dry fast because the loft would air quickly!!

I don't know if this idea is useful to you ... you might even have a better solution... but this was very simple, inexpensive and quickly sewed... even for those who don't sew much!! I hope it is of good use to some!!

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