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Saturday, July 10, 2010


As I was visiting the blogs I've just posted I was taken back to a time when I used to read fairy tale stories and adventures and all kinds of literature where my imagination took off and I imagined I was the heroine or that one main character... as I think most kids do... kids love to imagine!... to whom so much happened either exciting or sad event, oh how I felt for them! ... and then I was taken back to an even younger age when I used to make stories in my mind!! too bad I never wrote them down...I wonder what they were like for I can't remember them anymore! These where my own places, I don't think anyone ever knew about or even gotten into them!
My father had some old parachutes used by the air force and they were made from silk... can you imagine... those big old parachutes ... how much silk that was! well, they became my princess dress and hat and I used to get all my friends to be part of my fantasy story... of course I was the princess, but I needed a prince and all that goes with the story... and we would play for hours. The interesting thing was that they all agreed to go by my rules...I hope I wasn't too much of a tyrant !
But what a magical place is our imagination! we can be everyone and do anything! sad thing is we don't realize how wonderful it was to be a kid until we are past that age! I am so thankful to my wonderful parents who gave me love and protection, and made possible to have such a pure and innocent childhood.

I really wish more children can enjoy the same, feel secure and protected and trustful; look to the future with hope and optimism.
I see and read what all these beautiful women write, photograph and do in their lives and it makes me feel that we can still hope that we can make a difference in the world or at least for those around us!

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